Another witness felt their relationship had “a really super understanding of the other person” that has been “total . casualness” and “not military.”

‘Oh my God, individuals are referring to us’

Monteagudo along with his wing exec had been additionally seen together at a few social gatherings, behaving in many ways that strengthened the perception they had an relationship that is unprofessional the IG stated.

A witness became really uncomfortable after seeing them consuming, talking and engaging in “an inordinate quantity of pressing” at a 2011 Oktoberfest party.

“It just made me therefore angry it off,’” the witness told investigators that I had to call ‘knock.

Even with moving forward through the 944th at the beginning of 2013, Monteagudo turned up at their previous wing exec’s 40th birthday celebration at an unidentified date. The detective figured this “demonstrated an enduring friendship that stayed also after” he proceeded to their next project.

Another witness whom saw the 2 at a party occasion after a 2014 modification of demand ceremony elsewhere stated which they weren’t engaging or groping in lewd contact. Nevertheless the method they lingered whenever pressing each others hands had been she said, and it made her so uncomfortable she left“like you would do with your wife or husband. That witness had appeared during the 944th fine after Monteagudo left, but had nevertheless heard the rumors since her assignment began about them ever.

Safeguard Our Defenders’ Jensen discovered that behavior ― together with shortage of effects that followed ― troubling.

“It tells you just how pervasive that tradition may be, about it and so many people know about it, and yet you’re not afraid of there being repercussions,” Jensen said if you can be that open.

Monteagudo told the detective which he knew their previous wing exec is at that occasion, but denied socializing together with her “in a personal manner,” the report stated. The detective discovered their response “to be defensive and deflecting,” and lessened their credibility, the report stated.

The IG stated witnesses that are several that Monteagudo along with his wing exec knew there is a perception into the wing that their relationship ended up being inappropriate. At one point, Monteagudo had been told an anonymous issue in regards to the relationship have been filed against him plus it “kind of took their breathing away,” a witness stated. From then on, the witness stated the 2 are not as casual inside their actions together in the front of other staffers.

But another witness said the wing exec’s reaction when learning about IG complaints would be to state, “People are simply so jealous of me personally.”

Another witness stated using one event, Monteagudo and their wing exec shut the doorway to talk, the report stated, and she had been heard“Oh that is saying my, oh my God, oh my God . folks are speaking about us.”

In March or April 2011, another witness remarked to Monteagudo so it appeared as if he along with his wing exec were consistently getting “really near.” Monteagudo “responded by giving him a look, like, ‘yeah, you don’t have to mention it once again.’”

The detective concluded Monteagudo felt he didn’t feel he had been doing such a thing incorrect, and that he didn’t somewhat alter his behavior or their relationship, despite the fact that a few individuals raised concerns.

The report includes a lengthy, rambling passage from Monteagudo’s testimony by which he dismissed anyone that has issues to be “infamous for beginning rumors,” said he only “trust[ed] about three people [at] every job I’ve ever had,” said no body ever told him morale ended up being bad inside the wing, and rhetorically asked with her, saying that her husband was also riding in that group most of the time if he should have fired his wing exec or stopped riding bikes.

At that point, Monteagudo additionally relates to her spouse as “my [redacted],” suggesting he had been in a posture of authority over their wing exec’s spouse.

Feasible favoritism and strife into the wing

The wing exec additionally received advantages of Monteagudo that some shagle mobile site felt amounted to favoritism.

The wing exec, whom like Monteagudo had been a reservist, had been already placed on full-time instructions many months about 3 months before he arrived. But her full-time status ended up being continued through the termination of April 2012.

“In the book component, the simple work to be placed on long-lasting sales and service that is performing be viewed as an advantage,” the report stated.

She was allowed to simply take exactly what the IG concluded had been “a liberal telework policy that has been noticed by people of the wing, increasing the perception of favoritism. while she had been on full-time requests,” Some estimated she was at work about 50 % the full time, or there about 2 or 3 hours each day.

“What she desired, she got,” one witness stated. “She ended up being never ever right here, but got compensated. . You’re gone all the time and you’re not being charged leave? That’s crazy.”

Monteagudo additionally offered her a “glowing” performance review, the IG stated, which raised further concerns about possible favoritism.

She additionally accompanied Monteagudo on temporary duties to Hawaii, Aviano Air Base in Italy, and Washington, D.C. when it comes to Airman associated with Year Award ceremony within the Air Force Association’s annual meeting. The IG discovered no proof which they acted unprofessionally on those trips. However the reality which he authorized her attendance, though she had no formal part, “fueled the perception of favoritism.”

Some witnesses consented with Monteagudo’s perception that morale and control within the wing would not suffer as a result of this “distraction” brought on by their relationship.

Nevertheless the IG figured the data revealed their relationship “negatively impacted the wing by eroding respect and morale for authority.”

The IG additionally stated they proceeded their relationship and vacationed together regarding the Caribbean area of St. Martin in 2016. But, the IG stated that by 2015 and 2016, there clearly was no evidence suggesting their relationship had been morale that is hurting good purchase and control floating around Force any more.

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