Family Reunion. A family group reunion is a way that is great forget about previous wounds, and increase in love of every other and life itself.

I really hope you will be all residing well, loving lots and growing every day.

I am hoping you enjoyed my “take your Health back 2017” webinar presentation, and feel motivated to function as the modification.

I’m excited to understand that more of us will likely be utilising the resources We shared, and sharing all of them with all of the social people we are able to.

Within my weblog today, i shall share:

1. Family Reunion

2. C.H.E.K Advanced Training Curriculum Completions

3. Show-N-Tell with Paul

Family Reunion

It is often a very number of years since my children happens to be together in the same destination during the time that is same.

It was about fifteen years I had not met her husband since I last connected with my sister, Kym, in person and.

I experienced maybe not seen my cousin, Dusty, in a few right time either, and don’t get to see my sibling, Barbara, or my son, Paul Jr., normally as I’d like.

When I share in my own vlog today, I felt it was time and energy to bring all of us together “in love” to celebrate life and every other, and connect and share each other’s business, meals, music, play and tales.

Angie had been experiencing that this is crucial at exactly the same time as we ended up being, and I also am grateful on her substantial preparation and arranging strive to allow it to be all happen.

Like numerous families, we now have all had some a down economy in youth among one another, plus in our very own everyday lives.

We’d grown to the means of “dealing with life” independently, as our childhood ended up being really one out of which we had been offered adult obligations, rather than really learned to “play together.”

My core household (that is nevertheless alive) is my mom, Meera, Kym, Dusty (my half-brother), and my step-sister, Barbara.

My step-father, Carl, is not within the picture, it is nevertheless working cheerfully on us farm on Vancouver Island (Courtenay), B.C., Canada.

Above, you can view my very first son, Paul Chek Jr., my son that is newest, Mana with Angie Chek, their mom, me personally and my spouse Penny Crozier; I have actually 2 spouses.

Angie, Penny and I also have been in a mutual relationship residing together earlier this 5 years.

Penny and I also will commemorate our anniversary that is 20th in couple of months!

Paul’s mom, Sue, arrived by too! It had been actually lovely to see her once again as well as for every person to catch up! it turned out way too very long!

We mobifriends took them off to my rock labyrinth so we enjoyed walking it together and feeling the planet earth energies it makes.

We’d lots of fun together bowling, painting, exercising, sharing tales, consuming, laughing, painting and much more.

I happened to be really excited to get that my sis, Barbara, had invited our longtime buddy, Rhonda Fuller, to come go to too!

Rhonda is showcased within my Ball that is swiss and Ball videos. She’s an AMAZING athlete and all-around woman that is lovely.

It had been so great her, hug her and spend time with her for us all to see!

Sunday, our close and friend that is dear Blomberg, whoever spouse founded the famous Eleiko Barbell Co. in Halmstad, Sweden, and published my guide just how to Eat, Move and Be healthier! in Swedish arrived to check out.

It had been lovely to see Gunnila and share Mana together with her. He actually adored her, that is an easy task to do! Many thanks so much for visiting us, Gunnila!

Family Reunion

in my own vlog today, we share my ideas and emotions in regards to the healing power of a household reunion, and present some suggestions to make it take place from a spot of love.

We share the method We combined with my loved ones for doing art “as joy” together, and a procedure i will suggest you think about for creating your own family members reunion.

As soon as we get together when you look at the character of love, MORE APPRECIATE is shared and experienced, and everybody grows and feel more entire!

Today i hope you enjoy my video!

C.H.E.K Advanced Training Course Completions

C.H.E.K Practitioner Degree 1, Carlsbad with Leigh Brandon

Congratulations to the new C.H.E.K Practitioner amount 1 pupils whom simply completed their training with trainer Leigh Brandon, during the C.H.E.K Institute in Carlsbad!

I really hope all of you enjoyed having such an experienced teacher and so they can live their dreams that you are excited to practice your CP 1 skills to help many heal!

We look ahead to seeing you in CP 2 once you feel you’re willing to increase your C.H.E.K Practitioner skills towards the level that is next of development.

C.H.E.K Workout Coach, Sydney with Matt Sorensen

Congratulations to our brand new C.H.E.K Exercise Coaches whom simply finished their training with your CHEK that is newest Instructor, Matt Sorensen, in Sydney, Australia!

You are hoped by me enjoyed dealing with Matt as the teacher. He has got a lot of expert experience and I’m certain he enjoyed passing the maximum amount of of their knowledge along to every of you as you are able to in your five times together.

I’m sure you’ll provide plenty of love and additional skills for every single of the customers as you use your brand new C.H.E.K Exercise Coach practices.

We look ahead to seeing you in CP 1 when you’re ready! Great work!

C.H.E.K Workout Coach, Bay Area with Ashley Mazurek

Congratulations to the brand new C.H.E.K Exercise Coaches for finishing their training with this senior teacher, Ashley Mazurek, in san francisco bay area the other day!

I’m yes Ashley blew your minds together with her substantial abilities and life experience, and I also wish you’re all excited to “be the alteration” and “pass your knowledge on to your consumers.”

We anticipate seeing you in CP 1 whenever you are willing to develop your holistic method of workout and well-being.

Show-N-Tell with Paul

I would suggest viewing the The Story Of Stuff.

We thought that this is a video that is great assist us be much more alert to the expenses of gathering more “stuff.”