Gay Dating Scams in Ghana. 73 thoughts on “ Guestbook ”

We saw a tv program in England in regards to a retired straight that is( guy that sent cash from what he thought was an authentic girl in Ghana. He had been waiting around for their love during the airport, she needless to say did show up n’t. then a tale that is fantastic of and drama unfolded, with needs to get more, and much more cash.

We proceeded gayromeo to observe how bad this might be. In mere a couple of days I’ve been messaged by nearly 100 ghanaian guys, and some pages from kansas as well as other cities that are US. We have never ever been on a website with many fake pages and such criminality that is active.

Gayromeo earnestly encourage the scams that are ghanaian. Whenever anybody produces a profile located in ghana these are generally instantly offered a totally free plus account. If gay romeo were thinking about slowing the flood of ghanaian frauds they would restrict ghanaian pages; as opposed to offering them plus reports, they are able to limit them, such as for instance restricted is the reason two weeks, restricted messages… Genuine people in Ghana seeking a relationship wouldn’t be placed down by this.

I delivered a note to gayromeo asking them if they’re in league utilizing the ghanaian scammers, because their actions are earnestly motivating activity that is criminal. They didn’t response.

For money as you entered and left; would you use that bank if there were others in your town if you went to a bank in your home town that had 100 homeless people waiting outside; each of them asking you? There are lots of ‘dating sites’ available, why use gayromeo and have the hassle when trying to identify usually the one genuine individual out of a huge selection of fakes? To carry on the contrast, gayromeo is similar to an organization that offers the chairs that are homeless take a seat on, resting bags to settle, and a good amount of free beverages and meals to help keep them finding its way back time upon time to annoy you by using the companiy’s services.

We now have additionally tried discussion with Gay Romeo and exactly what became clear had been they approach this from the European viewpoint. They lack comprehension of Ghanaian culture while the proven fact that the justice that is criminal doesn’t work in several components of Africa.

I knew and have always been aware of these type of scams. We myself have always been an African and could not, also on invitation, travel any kind of African nation except for Angola, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and my house nation Namibia. They also attempted the scams on me personally. I am aware of 1 who names himself Okairo or Kairo from Nigeria. The unfortunate thing about him is, that I became shopping for love rather than somebody who I’ll play mom and dad to….I’ve made my conclusions: It is impossibly difficult to acquire real love in north African nations. I’d advise anybody who’s trying to find love somewhere else to use Southern countries that are african Namibia. The rules against sodomy exists but never been exercised because we’re protected by the human that is basic to privacy. There’s a available atmosphere and we’re at least tolerated as humans. You seldom find physical physical physical violence against homosexuals, unless you’re a rich tourist whom loves showing and gets robbed. I must say I have always been happy which you dudes show up with this particular initiative to alert those other hopeless individuals interested in love in most dangerous places. Many thanks for the efforts. Lariaano

congratulation for the focus on this website, be sure to continue steadily to stop the scammers.


Camille Astrid, Justas and Justas Jnr. from Sweden

All of them are scammer, test hunter, they feature 40% request and upfront 30 gram test, they’ve collect test from numerous vendor in Ghana and Mali, these are generally worldwide scammer, watch out for their offer, they use various title.

Safest action you can take is assume any man from Ghana is just a prospective scammer. Don’t be tricked by this option, they’re (comparatively) clever. They’ll invest hours chatting for you and certainly will run into very convincing, referring to a number of stuff can appear realistic/mundane/normal/believable. Money or money can come up someplace in the discussion, nonetheless they might wait to help you provide to aid, instead of ask you direct. Don’t be ingesting by any papers they deliver or alternative party connections, and make certain to see them and talk right to them on cam. Many will undoubtedly be user cyber cafe’s to talk. their picture is probably to not be them and any title they offer may very well be false. My advice is stay away. there’s lots of more genuine blokes in other nations.

One big scam, is (Logan Taylor) who proclaims their mom is dying into the medical center and he requires cash for a surgical procedure to help keep her alive. He really places in the pressure and attempts to make us feel bad if don’t send him cash. He blames you if their mother dies! we told him of resources in the united kingdom he can contact for assistance but he insisted the only path to keep their mom alive is if we delivered him cash.RIP mother. P.S. he could be so dump he tried me personally twice wihtout realizing he had already tried me personally.

exactly exactly How do you want to understand at the Airport on my return trip from Germany-Hamburg We broke up the same day after I fear he might have catch this deadly disease.What says you unless you try all spirits,I am black guy living in Tokyo,I was also fooled,used and dumped.It all started many years ago,I dated someone from Holland for 3 years he came to Ghana on my absence and prance round with guys in Accra unfortunately for him I met him?