Tunnelbear for streaming media is a new service that is certainly becoming popular amongst users of the Bitumen video showing site. Launched just over this past year, it offers a free of charge, anonymous browsing tunnel which can be used to avoid firewalls and protect the tunnelbear torrenting personal privacy while you delight in your favorite online videos. In this article I am going to show why tunnelbear for internet streaming media is a superb tool meant for freedom of speech web based.

When I first heard of tunnelbear I used to be wondering if perhaps there was support for additional countries beyond Canada. The answer to that issue is yes, and many of your leading services offer tunnelbear for correcting in many completely different countries including, but not restricted to, Canada, uk, French, The country, Essex, Athens and us. Recently purchased by Mcafee, who is as well the leading online security firms whose business structure is based on merchandising access to the various providers to on the web cyber-crime. Mcafee’s other customers contain Verizon, AT&T, Charter and many more well known web service providers. Because of this anyone with a billing accounts in one of these countries could also use the internet with complete protection from cyber crooks, while accessing any one of our articles including, however, not limited to, films, music, pictures and video.

Another benefit for tunnelbear for streaming is that they have a method that immediately converts any downloaded videos into highly secure IP addresses so that your browsing can remain exclusive and confidential while using any kind of our videos. Tunnelbear’s system uses an open source screenplay called X overflows which will converts any downloaded file into the remarkably secure « Xerox » file format. Any downloaded media with the extensions « . dll », inches PEB files » or ». Sob » are consequently converted to these safe Times fonts and then they are added for the server’s foc. This means that whether or not someone occurs access your cache every time they will not manage to see any media since it has been properly encrypted just before they have entry to it.